Wednesday, October 10, 2018

WashingCon Highlight Video

I made a highlight video about the WashingCon game convention in Washington, DC. I shot and edited together a fun highlight reel that shows what happened in 2017 and invites gamers to come to the 2018 convention. The music is "Blue Ska" from Kevin MacLeod and is credited at the end of the video.

PrezCon Board Game Convention Updated Version

I updated the PrezCon Board Game Convention video to make it timeless and to make visual/audio adjustments. I produced, shot and edited this piece using a DSLR camera, Rode VideoMic Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro software. This is a great board game convention and I had great fun filming this one!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Current Reel

For this version of my reel, I used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects to edit this video. Song is "Dream Catcher" by Gyom, licensed through Premium Beats.

Roles for major shot groups
  • Board game-related shots--Producer, camera operator (Canon Rebel T5i) and editor (Adobe Creative Suite) on short promotional doc for PrezCon. One shot was a time lapse at a different convention called WashingCon.
  • Shots of animals and bridges--Producer, camera operator (iPhone 6s) and editor (Adobe Creative Suite) of short highlight video. Everything was shot and edited in one day.
  • Bearded man/musician/interview of producer/panda shot--co-producer of short documentary "Everything Between." Camera used was Panasonic HVX-200.
  • Wood-cutting shots--Producer, camera operator (Canon Rebel T5i) and editor (Adobe Creative Suite) of short highlight video
  • Oil-change shots--Producer, camera operator (Canon Rebel T5i) and editor (Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Honduras shots (people and places)-- Producer, camera operator (Canon Rebel T5i) and editor (Adobe Creative Suite). 
  • Obstacle course shots--Camera operator (Canon Rebel T5i)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Everything Between (2016)

I co-produced an award-winning short music documentary titled Everything Between. The film chronicles DMV musician Ethan Spalding as he seeks to promote his genre of music, Traprock, through a new song, "Panda in the Air." I coordinated logistics of film shoots, organized crews, wrote crew call sheets, supervised the editing process and wrote a scene. Together as a team, we completed the whole production process in two months, meeting every deadline. The film received five film festival selections and won four awards.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Demo Reel January 2018

This is my demo reel, spanning many projects I have completed between 2015 and 2017. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to edit the footage together and used After Effects at the very end of the video to credit the footage in the reel as my work. The music is "Dream Catcher" by Gyom, licensed through PremiumBeats.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Honduras Compassion Partners Medical Clinic Video

I filmed and edited a video for Honduras Compassion Partners about building a relationship with a medical clinic close to HCP's Honduras headquarters. I filmed the footage using a Canon DSLR camera, scripted the video to meet HCP's message, and edited the video using Adobe Premiere Pro. The video is designed ideally for social media at less than 2 minutes long and can be understood without sound playing.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Honduras Compassion Partners Vision Video

I went to Honduras with a church mission team to film and capture footage for a future documentary and for a promotional video for the nonprofit Honduras Compassion Partners. I shot the footage on a Canon DSLR camera, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and gathered audio on a Sony wireless lav system combined with a Rode VideoMic Pro. I also obtained drone footage from a Honduran drone operator and edited the footage together with the DSLR footage. The music is from, "Laid Back Guitars" by Kevin MacLeod.